It was just another day for Sipho to come to work from a peaceful, beautiful nuclear family. Another day, another ndoda for Sipho’s days at work. He has to face himself arguing with the legions in his head about walking on his ideas than working on them, as he no longer sleeps.

Sipho is a carpenter at an Indian man’s company, his dream is to have his own automobile repairs company, fix cars and paint them as he raves about it all night and day. Born in a family of five, him being the second, the first was his deceased brother whom was killed trying to fend for his family, because… well, he was the only breadwinner at that time.

Then there’s Nobuhle, who’s now in her first year in college with the aid of a bursary, Nomusa, who’s in high school and Lisakhanya who is in The SpecialSchool for the Deaf.

Sipho’s mother is there but can’t afford to maintain for her family as a domestic worker, with pension soon approaching. However, this is not another typical black family. Sipho’s father had an injury while working as a mechanic, sustaining a brain injury that led to paralysis and memory loss. Now let’s take a break…

Now that we are at the alter ego of Sipho’s story, being a breadwinner. We have been programmed to a life of trade, competition and ranks, on the contrary where does being a breadwinner fit in there? Winning is inevitably a state or rather destination we get to after chasing, fighting and aiming for a goal or a prize. So bread, are you won or you won us?

We have been won by the bread, to slice it every time we get it, to be the sole providers of our families, while being the soul providers to the idea of bread. The inferiority complex in the oppression of passive preconceived ideologies such as a breadwinner.

The system is just a sea stem that feeds people like Sipho, numbers and words to create bottlenecks of flow. Constipation right there from the top to the bottom of the degeneration caused by the credo of innovation, words that some of us tend to fail to discover the understanding.

“There are pizzas, buns and baguettes much as there are billionaires and philanthropists.” – Sipho

It’s not all of us who want to win bread.

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