The Breadwinner – Impart 

Now, the Mhlongo family depends on Sipho for most of the things, even when he doesn’t take it to be a burden anymore than before. Nobuhle is studying Civil Engineering at a local college, with the contribution of student aid, covering tuition, books and a fair amount of stipend. On his way from work, Sipho sees an advertisement of an engineering project with the tagline, “Are You Civil Enough to Become an Engineer?” Sipho wasted no time; he snapped a picture of the ad to show to her younger sister. As he heads for home, he sees Nobuhle outside the gate from a distance, only to find her crying. Their father is gone.

Fast forward to the week after the funeral, the Sipho approaches Nobuhle about the ad, in the presence of Nomusa, a young beautiful mathematician by heart. The ad require people with who were in their first or second year of college/university in the engineering field to participate in the development and building a new structure to foster a civil society amongst the youth and the township community. Sipho insisted on Nobuhle being part of this project, with Nomusa backing him up. Sipho and Nomusa then decided to be her assistants concerning the innovation of the project, with input of the Mechanical and Mathematical skills.

Sipho dropped out of his 2nd year of his Mechanical Engineering degree in university when his father had the accident at work, forcing him to go find work elsewhere other than his late father’s previous workplace. A day after the conversation amongst the three, Nobuhle had a chat with her mother and asked her what she ought to do. Nozipho, her widowed mother, said to her, “The most important part of life is to being bred to creation, the saddest part of it is when you die for bread.”

Doppelganger… the sound of freedom for some may smell like ashes of a failed success that had been burnt by the immoral excitement. That is how Nobuhle feels like, those who were to travel before her, for freedom, lost their drive, vehicles and some a tyre. As for Sipho, he just lost a tyre and he is willing to break the bread of knowledge to his siblings. One of the things he strives for is a regeneration of what is in his mind, to establish a legacy within his family. As when the sun sets in a red desert, all that is left is the wisdom of the day that has lived before many nights. 

The red desert is the significance of the state of being a breadwinner, for those who break bread to others to breed an unknown prize to the new.

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