The Bread Winner – Depart 

“It’s the beginning of a new day to make a new dollar. Well we invest in rands in this house. Ever since the departure of our father, I have realized that wealth is not accumulated through inheritance. All that we are left with is this amount of money claiming to sustain, only sustain, not build nor regenerate. Since we are the only people in this household to have the light, even though Lisakhanya is still young, we ought to shed it with her in many ways possible for her. We know how it feels to sleep in the dark; to have one meal per day; one school shoe for the whole year both at school and at home. Now we are about to be known for being the ones to share the wisdom, knowledge and generate wealth. WE ARE THE ONES WON BY BRING BRED, NOBUHLE AND NOMUSA! ARE YOU WITH ME? ARE YOU WITH…?

Sipho gets a rude awakening from Nomusa to get up. A dream it was, as it is the first day of the month, prime time and it’s the day for the Mhlongos to display their work to their community. An idea that will change the culture of their community and possibly the world, as they would say in the past weeks in motivation to pitch for the competition. As they are preparing themselves at home, Lisakhanya is eager to know what is happening as she is never around her siblings when they work. Nobuhle signs to her what is going on. 

Lisakhanya then recalls of the encounter that she had with their father in his deathbed. He directed her to a hidden spot in the house where a blueprint of a machine was hidden, even the queen of the house knew not about it. The blueprint was a patented idea of a mechanism that will help the deaf and people with special needs, communicate better with others without the usual sign language, not only that, but also encrypt messages in different forms of verbal communication. She went to her books to take it out and give it to her sisters and brother. 

Everyone is now wondering why their father would hide something from them and wait for dying moment to reveal it. In tears, Lisakhanya encourages them to open it, Nobuhle does. As she opens it, Nomusa asks if it is a Will. Sipho and Nomusa then came closer to see what is in the paper. They then look at each other, and then they pause for a moment. “If this is a Will, are we willing to go with it along with our idea to the competition?” asked Nomusa. Sipho then replied, “This is what uBaba wanted for us, what we want for ourselves is up to us as to what we want to with it.” Nobuhle exclaimed, “Siyaya!” meaning “Forward We Go!” 

As they departed, they left behind no one in the house as their mother would join them later before the competition started and they went with Lisakhanya. Their binary machinery for people with special needs and the innovation center idea took home an emotional and electrified family as they won a prize that was not listed on the competition, but from an investor who was a stakeholder from a wealthy company, whom happened to be in the guests, all the way from Congo. The trio also had an opportunity to travel to other Sub-Saharan countries for workshops and activations the following year.

For Sipho, the apple of the dream didn’t fall far from the dreamer. Some people’s departure is a deep art for those who are left behind. They depart with the preconceived expectations from society that things fall apart, whereas, as funeral covers do, they cover life with certain mentalities that leave more than legacies or even greater than seeds, especially with the knowledge of seasoned fruits in mind. 

The seeds of Nobuhle and Nomusa’s minds along with their brothers’ spirit, gave them a departure ticket from the idea of a one-man show, to the arrival of a legacy and unknown predetermined destinies.

 The departure of a poor mindset sets fire and makes room for what a person is bred for, the will to win. 

– Goitsemang Mvula

 Image by Ralf Kuhn

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  1.  “The departure of a poor mindset sets fire and makes room for what a person is bred for, the will to win.”
    This is beautiful my Lady,reminds when my father got retrenched. He died for some time,but had a master planwhich is sustaining the family to this day

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