“They said the alphabets start with A B C but then they skipped to K and L and forgot the other 21 when they defined me, an exiled key”, said Nobuhle (the one with beauty), as she rehearsed her speech for her renowned Black Excellence Talk. “I found out that there is a place where I can find peace and truth unto this fenced mindset, maybe for them it’s a dinner set that never breaks, fast nor slow. And it is in the…” she paused as the lights went out.

She proceeded in the dark to reach out for the light switch, only to discover that the power had tripped from outside. She had to go out to fix the power supply. As she opened the door, she was shocked to see Nomusa (the one with mercy) outside the door, ready to attack. Unknown was the mercy. Nomusa put a sharp unbothered pain into Nobuhle’s chest for the beauty of her mind that afforded Nobuhle’s siblings and herself, a house that has electricity and all that a township girl could ever dream of. A mind robbery.

The lights are out

The night is on,

You are now BLACK



© Goitsemang Mvula

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