BLANCKSPACES: BUT – Beauty Undiscovered a Threat

But then again, did they forgot about the B-U-T in us? No they did not, they made us forget. Remember No-musa? We are now on No-Malanga, No-rain, No-Mdeni, No-Kukhanya, No-Mhle. The ones who took away the sunshine and the rain, the oneness and light of us, the beautiful one was taken. In the spirit of Buhle, a tribe of black women uncovered their beauty.

Undying curls of their crowns became a trend that was once crashed as unprofessional, let alone a despise in the community. Being called “Sehlotho*”for the coiling of the fruits of our roots; “Va Ka Hina*” for the coloured fabric cloths made in our language understanding, a representation of cultural identity and diversity. Non-gravitating spirals, spiraling into beauty and forgotten black matter of a crown that is now shaped as castles and in gold.

The removal of the mask was victory, now at war with keeping skins, like keeping up with the colour dashing of the melanin skin. It’s a mental threat now, no longer a physical one. I suppose this is a thread more than a threat, weaving into oneness, gathering the light of the sun, and feeling the rain of the beautiful ones.

*Sehlotho – A colloquial term for an Afro

*Va Ka Hina – A term referring to Tsonga people

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